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If you’re looking to sell online, or you’re already selling online using the likes of Amazon for instance, you should probably start thinking about how you’re going to grow in the future. What will your next step be? Finding somebody who specializes in eCommerce web development could help you to create your very own platform for selling your products, helping you to build your brand and expand your audience further than ever before. Ebay and Amazon are great, but there’s nothing quite like having your very own site. It may require maintenance and that initial investment to get started, but you’ll save on selling fees in the long run and be able to develop your own terms and conditions, as well as grow your brand like never before.

Create YOUR OWN online presence

Wordpress is one of the most
renowned and used platforms

A good designer will not only help you to build your store, but give you training in the platform used and support afterwards if needed. Having choices available to promote your site and get further exposure can also be important. Things like Facebook ads, SEO, and PPC can all be effective at helping you to achieve the results you want when it comes to your business.

Wordpress is one of the most renowned and used platforms for designing and developing a website. It’s simple to use, can create beautiful sites, and has many other benefits for those who want to personalize their site further. Widgets and apps can be added and used to create an even better website that performs just the way you want it to.

  • easy content changes

    easy content

  • mobile and desktop

    and desktop

  • user friendly interface

    user friendly

So, what makes up a great wordpress site for eCommerce,
and what should you look for in a designer?
The list below can give you some ideas

  • Great graphics and text - may need to be provided by you but installed by the designer

  • Theme and layout retouching - may get a few hours or one day of retouching until you are happy with the result

  • Responsive design so it can be used on tablets and mobiles

  • Training in the platform used

  • Effective checkout page that is easy to get through

  • Shipping page

  • About page (one of the most important pages on a site)

  • Contact page

  • Home page

  • Google analytics so you can monitor your success

  • Payment gateway setup

  • Order management and inventory

  • Set up of your product pages

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The WordPress CMS

Adding an effective eCommerce site to your current selling channels such as Ebay and Amazon, can be an extremely lucrative way to create more conversions and expand your audience. There’s a reason Wordpress is one of the most popular tools for design and development, so do your research and figure out whether it’s the right thing for you. It’s suited to pretty much any industry, and those with very little knowledge of this kind of platform can work out how to use it easily. Many find that once they have switched to their own Wordpress eCommerce store, they no longer have a need for other selling channels. Expanding could be the best thing you do for your business.

Create YOUR OWN online presence

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