The Website Development Process


When you’re looking for an agency to build your website, you might be unsure about how the process works and may have a few questions. How long will it take and what are the key steps? It’s reassuring to know what your team is up to and what you can expect to happen next. If you’re wondering just how it all comes together, here are the key steps in the process. We feel that it sets us apart from the rest, with a specialist in each department taking care of each stage.



Within 24 hours of purchasing your website, our project manager will arrange a face to face meeting or schedule a call to go through the brief. We will ask questions in order to gain an understanding of your business and your services, as well as your preferences, unique selling points of your business, pages, target audience, colour scheme, and layout. After this discussion, we will use these details to work from when creating your website.


Content Strategy
& Writing

Website copywriting isn’t about giving people something to read, it’s about convincing them to take action. Our team of copywriters will go through all the specifications you gave in the brief and write informative copy designed to engage your target audience. The content is always unique, researched, keyword rich and written just for your website.



We will now begin designing a website that will stand out from your competitors. Before a line of code is written your website design will be shown to you using interactive prototype tools. Here you can make any changes to your website over the phone with a project manager or using our easy to use tools on your desktop or smartphone.

Our interactive designs are developed to offer visual appeal, superb usability and functionality.



A great website is not measured by simply looking great; real success is delivering something secure, fast, efficient, dependable, responsive and easy to use. This is all done in the code, we hand code all of our websites from scratch using modern technologies like CSS3, HTML5, PHP, and JQuery.



At this stage, your website is uploaded to a secure server where you can navigate and test before going live. Any changes can be made at this point to ensure you get the perfect website for your business.


Testing & Going Live

A rigorous testing process comes next, to ensure that your website works correctly. The developers spend time making sure that your site has the best speed and browser compatibility. It’s also the stage when our SEO team can ensure that titles, descriptions, and URL redirections are all in order.

Now your brand new website is live for the world to see!

After Sales Support & Maintenance

Throughout the year, you will be provided with maintenance and technical support for your website. This means that should you want to make any adjustments to your website, such as adding pictures of products or information about your services, it will usually be implemented within 48 hours.


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