Social media set-up

Social media is one of the most influential marketing tools in a business owner’s arsenal. Unfortunately, many companies never reach the full potential of this type of type of marketing. We offer the perfect package so you can embrace this powerful marketing tool.

For $100 + GST we set up all the following social media accounts for your business, they will be set up professionally with your logo, graphic banner incorporating your branding, full company descriptions, contact details, website link, email and much more. More importantly than having these profiles is to update them regularly.

Use Social Media To Its Full Potential

Social Media Marketing

Let us update your social media, so you don't have to. There are numerous ways we use your social networks for promotional purposes. We will be posting, sharing pictures, posting company and industry news and keep your audience engaged on your social media; this will show clients that you are active and a leader in your field.

Use Social Media To Its Full Potential

Social media ads

Social media ads are an essential element of building your community, brand and reaching your ideal customers.

Our talented team of social media experts can create ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and formulated a rock-solid strategy to get you the best possible return on your investment.


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